Transition of Facebook to Fakebook

What started with a such a worthy thought of connecting friends ..people whom you had ever wished to speak or connect with to the ones lost in the pages of life, to its present form where 95% post shared are advertisements and display of ones flamboyancy.  A platform for ego boosting and display of emotions and feelings so much so that one finds people in midst of tragedy and death, not missing the opportunity of posting and publishing on Facebook.

Not sure, how much good and how much bad, the platform has led too, but surely its proved to be a  boon for e-marketers  or should one say digital marketing and the gossip that Facebook played a KEY role in some of the recent elections, world over.

How much role Facebook has played  in bridging the ‘lost relationship’ gaps is questionable. The diminishing craze of Facebook in the West may probably be because of the superficial and fakeness, which most of the times Facebook displays with the added  challenge of, ones personal information data and privacy being compromised, with all due consent.

Though some recent steps have been taken to address the menace of Fakeposts and news on Facebook, however, the damage has been done and damage is more deep in case of countries such as India and other developing economies with huge populations base.

Platforms such as Facebook have made their numbers but what about the social ethos and the fakeness and false ego boosting, its given way too.

How Facebook’s own vision with which it was conceptualized got transitioned into being Fakebook is an important message for businesses and leaders and for sure the common man to ponder upon!

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Spiritualism Redefined

No more the need of the HIMALAYAS  ; no more the need to renounce family or practice austerity and penance  -today the gurus have it all and that too in a  corporate five star  setting -the ashram- lush green lawns spread over acres of land ,(generally bought at a very cheap price from the govt., or free -a gift from a ‘bhakta’),modern amenities ; a lavish life style with a  diet of fruits and juices  in the name of good health ;modern spas offering traditional Ayurveda massages ……..these ashrams are  not only launching consumer products competing with international brands but also organizing  mega shows , events ……the  ashrams have  a global spread and network (earlier it was a cave in the mountains or some remote unvisited area )